Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins are very rare. If you want to find one, you may have to search hard and invest your valuable time. We did extensive research on this matter & listed a few handfuls of portfolio plugins for your WordPress website. You can follow this post and choose any of these portfolio plugins. 

These plugins are not listed randomly; but after judging their features, functionalities, installations, reviews, etc. With any of these plugins, you will be able to set up your portfolio professionally. 

Let’s check out these plugins.

Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Portfolio Post Type

In the first position of the list, we have the Portfolio Post Type best portfolio plugin WordPress by Devin Price. It comes with over 100,000+ active installations and 4.5-star reviews in the WordPress directory. This plugin takes an entirely different approach to create and manage a portfolio. 

Upon your command, it generates a Custom Post Type for all of the portfolio items you have uploaded to your website. You can organize your portfolios and add certain tags and categories for each of them in a better way. It is much simple plugin and does not require any complex procedures to get started. 

This awesome WordPress portfolio plugin is free, and this plugin is very useful for developers interested in rapidly identifying portfolio items. However, this plugin has nothing involved with the adjustment of your portfolio items that appear on your website. To make things look gorgeous, you have to find another plugin or theme that supports nice portfolio layouts. 


  • Fully free
  • Custom post type
  • No limitation to your design
  • Add tags and categories to custom post types
  • Device responsive
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Ease of access
  • Beginner-friendly
  • SEO friendly


This plugin is a full free plugin, and you can download it from the WordPress plugins repository.

Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery

Visual Portfolio is another decent and best portfolio plugin for WordPress that comes with more than 40,000+ active installations. This plugin is fully open-source; therefore, you will not have to worry about upgrading or buying the plugin. You will be able to create magnificent, clean portfolio layouts and photo galleries by using the Visual Portfolio plugin for WordPress.

By looking at its simplicity, you may doubt its capability, but it is powerful enough to create any professional portfolios. Whether you are an agency, photographer, or anything else, Visual Portfolio will always gear up your online presence. To use this plugin coding knowledge is not required. Thanks to the Gutenberg block editor that allows you to create and customize galleries visually.

The builder inside Visual Portfolio works similarly to a WordPress post, except you will not get a full preview along with layout adjustment settings. 

This WordPress portfolio slider plugin has several layouts, including masonry, justified, tiles, grid, slider come with this plugin. All features are optimized and work perfectly with all of these layouts. All you have to do is select a Layout and see it in action. There are also several effects packed with the Visual portfolio WordPress plugin. The most attractive effects are classic, fade effect, emerge effect, fly effect & pro caption move effect. 

Custom post types and custom colors are also possible. The popup gallery is very handful for your clients who want to see your photos in a larger format. Finally, developers got the tools for creating templates and customizing CSS from scratch. 


  • Come with both pro and free versions.
  • Visual gallery builder
  • Elegant layouts and visual effects
  • Easily customization
  • Custom post type
  • Powerful lightbox
  • Mobile optimized
  • SEO friendly
  • Several integrations


The free version is accessible from the WordPress plugins directory. The premium version comes with three different pricing, including one site license for $28, 5 site licenses for $98, and an unlimited license for $168. 

Premium Portfolio Features for Phlox theme

If you are using the Phlox theme, then there is good news for you. A dedication portfolio plugin is created for you. It adds numerous portfolio functionality to the Phlox Theme and allows you to present and showcase your projects in a magnificent way. 

This best portfolio plugin for WordPress has an active installation of 30000+, and it will only work with the Phlox theme. Therefore, trying out other Themes will not work. The premium portfolio WordPress plugin comes with three different layouts: grid, masonry, and tiles. Each layout is beautiful, but you are the one to choose which you are going to use. 

This best portfolio showcase plugin comes with two different page builder support – Elementor and SiteOrigin. There are also six exclusive portfolio elements, that come with this plugin. That means your customization just got extra wings, do whatever you want, and create fantastic portfolios. 

The premium portfolio is entirely device responsive, and it promises to load perfectly on any screen sized device. This plugin is also cross-browser compatible; therefore, the browser doesn’t matter anymore. 


  • Easy to use
  • Device responsive
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Elementor page builder support with six portfolio elements
  • Siteorigin page builder support with six portfolio elements
  • Three stylish layouts
  • Sticky header-footer
  • Different demos


This plugin is fully free, but you cannot use any themes other than the Phlox theme. 

Portfolio Gallery – Image Gallery Plugin

Portfolio Gallery is one of the best portfolio plugins for WordPress in the plugins directory. You can get your portfolios done very easily, and launch a magnificent gallery with the help of the Portfolio Gallery plugin. It comes with many features and functionality, including a bootstrap lightbox, responsive filters, custom column size. 

Portfolio Gallery comes with both free and pro versions. The free version is very much functional, and most small businesses can take advantage of the free version and get their work done without upgrading to pro. Besides, there is hardly any configuration required to use this plugin; therefore, beginner to advanced users anyone can create a portfolio with ease. 

This best portfolio plugin WordPress is entirely responsive; you won’t have to create separate portfolios for devices like mobile, pc, mac, tablets, etc. In this plugin, you have the freedom to create and show a portfolio gallery in multiple columns like four columns, three columns, two columns, etc. 

If you want to take your customization to an advanced level, then it is recommended to upgrade to the pro version. Pro version is pretty much affordable and gives you far more customization options, including portfolio filtration, unlimited filter colors, load more portfolio, 30 hover effect, five lightboxes pop up style, custom CSS, quality support, etc. 


  • Clean and modern portfolios
  • Bootstrap lightbox
  • Fully responsive
  • Grayscale
  • Multiple colors for filters
  • Numbering
  • Easy customization
  • SEO friendly
  • 30 hover effect(pro)
  • 5 lightbox pop up style(pro)

WordPress Portfolio Plugin – Grid Kit Portfolio Gallery

GridKit is simple yet one of the best portfolio plugins for WordPress to create photo and portfolio galleries. It allows you to create and manage portfolio items in an easier way. For example, it features a YouTube video gallery with the ability of quick link pasting into the gallery. 

You can also choose items from client logos, maps, audio clips, team member pictures, etc. Of course, a general slider portfolio is included, but if you want to customize it more, you have far more options than any other plugins. All you have to do is explore and then customize in the way you want. 

This WordPress plugin for portfolio comes with both premium and free versions. The free version is packed with responsive portfolios, a shortcode to insert portfolios, an image slider, and other functionalities. You also have access to client presentations, product catalogs, and other customization options. 

The free plugin is also packed with a layout builder that allows you to build layout structures from your photo gallery, portfolio, gallery sliders, clients logos, product catalog, and team members. There is also a popup addon and shortcode addon. 

The premium version offers way more than the free version. Premium version offers 12+ layouts, 3+ popup styles, popup themes, video support, advanced addons, 100+ effects, filtration, pagination, lazy loading, unlimited layouts, social media, and SEO friendliness. 


  • Showcase portfolio projects
  • Device responsive
  • A free and premium version
  • Image slider
  • Layout builder
  • Different layouts
  • Lazy loading
  • Predefined templates


This plugin comes with both a free and pro version. The pro version for one website will cost you $29.99; for five websites will cost you $49.99.

Genesis Portfolio Pro

Very few people can be found who haven’t heard of StudioPress or Genesis theme framework. If you are using their product, then you should also try the Genesis Portfolio Pro plugin. This best portfolio plugin WordPress is specially made for the Genesis framework and comes with a custom post type for creating your portfolio items. 

This best portfolio plugin WordPress is also packed with templates for showing featured images in a grid layout that you set as the portfolio. This is a very simple but powerful plugin, and it does not provide you with huge numbers of features as other portfolio plugins do. If you like simplicity and looking for something minimalistic, then Genesis Portfolio pro will do your work. 

Being a simple plugin, it also comes with a simple procedure to create a portfolio. Get started with the plugin by clicking on the ‘add new’ button. Add your images, contents, and publish it like a regular post. If you want, you can add some extra files to your portfolio and show off your work in an elegant grid. 

Your created portfolio is bound to be responsive and look the same on every device, as the whole plugin is responsive. Currently, this plugin has 10000+ active installations with a 4.4 rating. In short, it is one of the best portfolio plugins to create your portfolio. 


  • Easy to use
  • Simple yet powerful
  • Device responsive
  • Grid layout
  • Easy customization
  • SEO friendly


Genesis Portfolio Pro is free; you can download it anytime from the WordPress plugins repository. 

Album and Image Gallery with Lightbox – Flagallery Photo Portfolio

Flagallery photo portfolio is one of the best WordPress portfolio plugins that comes with an easy interface for handling your photos and image galleries. Magnificent video gallery and portfolio creation is only a minute task now. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will always be able to create your portfolios with the help of a Flagallery photo portfolio.

This plugin allows you to upload images, group pictures in a slideshow, create a photo gallery, add a description for each image, and much more. If you want to show the best out of your portfolios or any of your products, Flagallery is undoubtedly a great choice. You can easily beautify your website with portfolios, galleries, and slideshow widgets. 

There are several layouts available for this portfolio plugin. With these skins, you can organize your items with a new look. These skins include Amron, Albumwiz, Albumnavigator, Horizon, Paginator, Phantom, Photomania, and Nivo slider. 

The pro version comes with premium settings for free skins and extra skins and features. The plugin is fully SEO optimized and device responsive. It’s even Gutenberg ready and works great with shortcodes. 


  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Easy interface
  • Free skins
  • Video gallery creation
  • Shortcode support
  • SEO optimized
  • Cross-browser compatible


This plugin is free, but if you want to buy the premium version, you have to spend $29. Afterward, the plugin will be yours for a lifetime with all premium settings, functionalities, skins, and support. 

WordPress Portfolio Builder – Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is one of the best WordPress portfolio plugins that helps you to create awesome portfolios. It comes with the lightest code and the easiest user fields. You don’t need the experience to use the portfolio Gallery plugin; just insert images, add a description, customize if required, and your portfolio is good to go. 

You will be able to create magnificent galleries by using not only images but also Vimeo and YouTube videos. You can add unlimited images and videos and create unlimited portfolio galleries. There is no limitation like other plugins. 

One of the best parts of Portfolio Gallery is, it is compatible with the Elementor Page builder. That means you can extend your customization even farther and do whatever you like to do with your portfolio items. No matter whatever you create with Portfolio Gallery, it will always be responsive, as the developers coded this plugin in that way. 

There are a total of seven animations, and lightbox enabled layouts to come with the Portfolio gallery, which accommodates text hyperlinks, HTML, as well as custom URLs to point each portfolio to further details elsewhere. You can choose any of these layouts and customize without any barrier to creating your desired portfolio item. 

The main gallery comes with drag and drops functionality. By using this, you will be able to rearrange image/projects sequence with ease. There’s more that this plugin provides, but the mention-worthy are block toggle, masonry view, gallery/content popup, list view, content slider, image grid, and elastic grid. 


  • Entirety responsive design
  • Unlimited portfolios and projects
  • Unlimited images, videos, or other contents
  • Specific widgets
  • Item sorting
  • Seven presentation layouts with their effects
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Sample portfolios
  • Full documentation
  • Auto-generate shortcode


Portfolio Gallery is free to use; however, if you are not satisfied with the free version, you can try the pro version. The starter license for one website will cost you $19, and a business license for five websites will cost you $29 with lifetime access.

Easy Photography Portfolio

Easy Photography Portfolio plugin is one of the best portfolio plugins that lets you easily create portfolio items. This plugin is based on the idea of images with albums that can optionally be grouped in categories. By default, images and albums are displayed in a masonry gallery. 

Easy photography portfolio plugin comes with ease of access so that the user doesn’t have to adjust oceans of knobs and buttons. From newcomer to professional, anyone can use this plugin and create elegant portfolio items. If you’re stuck anywhere, you can take the help of documentation and an A-Z photography portfolio tutorial. 

The developers of this plugin have crystallized the formula of the high-quality wp portfolio into this simple plugin so that you can use it with any theme. No matter which device your visitors are using, your created wp portfolio will always look the same on any sized device. 

You can add unlimited image albums to your portfolio, and you can even categorize albums too.


  • Device responsive
  • Ease of access
  • Well documented
  • Plugin tutorial
  • Unlimited images, albums
  • Elegant look
  • Developer friendly


This plugin is free, and you can download it from the WordPress repository. 

Blog Filter – Post Filters Post Portfolio Gallery

If you are looking for one of the best portfolio plugins, then you may consider using the Blog Filter plugin. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface. This plugin can filter your blog posts according to tags and categories. 

This plugin filters your posts instantly, and everything will be shown elegantly in a beautiful grid layout. To build a portfolio, you only need images and have to select a design; no hard configuration is required. After creating a portfolio, you will be able to share it by using a shortcode. 

You don’t have to do hard configuration doesn’t mean this plugin doesn’t contain any customization options. There are many customization options available in this plugin, including color, button color, show hide title, show/hide details, permalink, gallery buttons, etc. It also provides you the option to control image quality.

You can load smaller images and bigger images; actually, it depends upon your need. If the free version is not enough for you, you may upgrade to the pro version. The pro version comes with many layouts and more features that will allow you to do advanced customization in your portfolio.  


  • Easy and simple
  • Device responsive
  • Masonry layout
  • Different hover effects
  • SEO friendly
  • Custom CSS
  • Well documented
  • Multiple columns


The free version is available in the WordPress plugins directory. But if you want to upgrade to the pro version, you may buy it for $25 for one website, $99 for five websites, and $149 for ten website licenses. 

Final Words

I hope you can choose your portfolio plugin from this list of best WordPress portfolio plugins. If you decide to choose another plugin other than this list, let us know it. If it is better, then I might include it in the list. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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