Before you purchase, download, or sign up, for any other service from our website, we recommend reading our terms and conditions. If you agree to our terms and conditions, you can continue our services. If you are already using our services, we assume, you have read the terms and conditions. We reserve the right to bring any changes and modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice.

Product Delivery

All our free downloadable products can be downloaded anytime from the website. If you become a member of our website, can also access the paid downloadable products or you can also access them as a single product. You will get access to the paid products only when we receive the money and verify the payment. We accept a wide range of payment methods including Master Card, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and all major credit cards for the payment. Make sure you have maintained the terms and conditions of the particular payment gateway.

Once the payment is done, we will send you the membership information directly to the email address that you provided. If the payment is successful, there will be no issues with the membership. If the payment is not successful for any reason, we will take 1 hour to 48 hours to review the issue. We will deny giving access if there is any fraudulent activity in the payment procedure.

Product Compatibility

Our developer team designs and codes according to the WordPress standard and all our themes are ready to work with the latest versions of WordPress. But keep in mind, that we can’t guarantee that all our themes will work properly with the older versions of WordPress. Also, our themes are compatible with all popular and most-used browsers.

If you are a paid member of WPSpeedo, will get the new updates of them if your membership validity is available. There are no issues if you want to install the older version, you can do it.


We allow our users to modify the theme that they have downloaded or purchased. You can always ask in the forum for the right procedure for the modification. You should also read the documentation to have a clear concept of how to do the modifications.

Unauthorized/Illegal Uses

If you have a subscription to our website, you will be responsible for all the activities under your account.

The authority reserves the right to ban and block any account of there is improper
behaviors. Once your account is blocked, you will lose all access to different sections.

To ensure the security of our members’ accounts, we follow strict rules and ban any unusual activities. Moreover, you should always keep your account information secured. If someone else takes access to your account and does any fraudulent activity, we will ban the account and we won’t be responsible for that. So, we recommend using a strong password and not sharing your account information with others.

Using our themes or any other WordPress products for illegal services such as adult sites, pornography, arms, and drug dealing is strictly prohibited. If you use such content on your site, you will be responsible for any legal steps. You are now allowed to edit any Graphics, CSS, JS, and Dummy Data (XML) from the theme or plugin. When buying a theme or plugin, you are agreeing to these terms.

Product Licensing and Usage

Our themes and other WordPress-related products are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


We always want to give the best experience to our clients with our services. You can always ask for further support from our developer team. To get support from our team, you need to post the detailed issue that you are struggling with. You must ask for support through our forum. After reviewing the issues, our team will fix them. However, if you modify any part of the theme according to your preferences, we won’t take the liability of solving issues related to coding.

Any request from the support team through Facebook, Twitter, or email will be rejected.

Based on the type of your problems, our support team may take enough time to fix the issues. However, you can always ask for customized support from our expert team and you need to pay for that. For regular issues, we won’t charge you and you get the solution without any further payment.


When you are using a paid theme or any other free product from our website, we reserve the rights and ownership. You can’t claim any ownership of the products even after doing slight modifications. Reselling the products or uploading them on different platforms is not allowed.


We are very strict about fraudulent activities. If we find any issues in the payment method or we get some errors in receiving the money, we will hold the deal and you won’t get access to the membership areas. However, we will review the payment manually. If we find any fraudulent activities, we will block the account.

Price Changes

We reserve the right to change the price at any time without any prior notice. We may also offer a discount or some other promotional offers without any notice. We also reserve the right to stop selling a particular product at any time.


All our themes are ready and compatible with the regular WordPress versions. We do not guarantee that our products will work with full functionalities when you are using an older version of WordPress. We won’t take the liabilities in those cases.

However, we give guarantee that our themes are developed and designed according to WordPress standards. Our products might work with all the new functions.

If you are struggling with some problems because of using third-party software such as a plugin, we are not bound to give support.

We are not bound to provide the rights to stock images, graphics, or any other third-party properties. You have to buy those in your responsibilities.

Note that: the above terms and conditions could be changed by the WPSpeedo authorities without any prior notice.