WordPress carousel plugins always help you to attract customer’s eyesight at the very first moment they enter your website. Adding interactive and stylish sliders help you to showoff your contents and keeps your audiencces attention. But to create one stylish slider you must use the best WordPress carousel slider plugin.

In this post, I have listed the 29 best WordPress carousel plugins that you can use to create any sort of carousel sliders. So without talking more, let’s check out these plugins.

25+ Best WordPress Carousel Plugins

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution

At the very beginning of the list, I have the Slider revolution as this is the most popular and used WordPress carousel plugin. Most of the themes of the Themeforest come with this plugin and it’s highly customizable. There are a lot of templates and effects that come with this carousel slider. 

Slider Revolution is fully device responsive and comes with translation-ready support. If you purchase this product you are guaranteed to love it

Master Slider

Master Slider

The master slider is one of the truly responsive and device-friendly WordPress sliders that works perfectly on any device. It comes with 70+ pre-built sliders, and you can choose any of these sliders to create your own. To create a slider with the Master slider, you do not require any coding knowledge. 

Besides this plugin comes with lots of integration supports. Master slider will only cost you $29. 

Smart Slider 3

After the Master slider, we have Smart slider on the list. It’s a good responsive WordPress carousel slider that is very easy to use and comes with various features and functionality. The smart slider is well coded and includes hundreds of google fonts along with lots of transition effects. 

This is a highly valuable WordPress carousel plugin that will only cost you $19. 



If you are talking about a simply best WordPress carousel plugin, then Soliloquy is the carousel plugin you have been looking for. This carousel plugin is coded extremely well and makes the least HTTP request out of all sliders. No matter if you are a beginner or an expert, you will always be able to use this carousel plugin and customize it in the way you like. 

Soliloquy is SEO-friendly and comes with device responsiveness. It also comes with API support for embedding videos directly from Youtube, Vimeo, and much more. This amazing carousel plugin will cost you $19 only. 

Nivo slider

Nivo slider

One of the best things that describe the Nivo slider is its beauty. You can apply magnificent transition effects while keeping your website lightweight and well coded. Every slide you create with the Nivo slider will be absolutely mobile responsive and retina ready. You will be able to save time by making your sliders responsive. 

This WordPress carousel plugin is completely open-sourced and you can download it free from the WordPress plugins directory. 

Wow Slider

Wow slider is one of the best WordPress carousel plugins. This carousel slide plugin has been created for non-coder persons so that they can easily create a slider within the shortest time. It comes with a drag and drop UI and fully device responsive. 

This WordPress image carousel is also packed with a good range of transitions and image effects. This might not be very well looking and fast like the premium carousel sliders, but it does the job and won’t kill your page load time. You can download it free from the WordPress plugins repository.

Meta Slider

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use WordPress slider plugin then you can try Meta slider. It comes with a lot of customizability options and transition effects. Everything you create with the Meta slider will be fully SEO optimized and device responsive. 

You can buy this amazing carousel slider plugin only for $19 per license. It is also one of the best WordPress carousel plugins for video integration.


SlideDeck is one of the beginner-friendly and most popular WordPress carousel sliders. It comes with some attractive lenses making it really easy to see your contents. This carousel slider supports dynamic content sources, so that you can automatically pull fresh content from the APIs and feeds of sites including YouTUbe, Flickr, Pinterest, and more. 

You can also add content manually by using the visual editor of WordPress or through shortcodes. 


If you are low in budget and still want the best WordPress carousel plugin that hosts an unlimited number of image sliders then you can choose the VibeThemes slider. This carousel plugin comes with better quality image sliders and a lot of good feedback. 

The best part of the slider is it’s free and you can download it from the WordPress plugins directory. 

Kreatura Slider

Kreatura Slider is another top-rated and top-selling WordPress carousel plugin. Anyone can easily create image galleries, sliders, slideshows, landing pages, and even more with help of this WordPress carousel gallery plugin. It is packed with a new animation engine and premium slider templates. 

Kreatura slider comes with fully responsive layouts that fit on all devices. This plugin will cost you only $25. 

Ultimate 3D carousel

If you are looking for a little bit different WordPress image carousel slider, then you may check out Ultimate 3D carousel. This carousel plugin allows you to display multimedia content with a unique 3D perspective, that displays your content in an interactive way. 

Ultimate 3D carousel runs on all major browsers and sliders created with Ultimate 3D carousel will run on every type of device. If you like this carousel, you can purchase it for $59. 


Royalslider is one of the best WordPress carousel plugins that is downloaded most in CodeCanyon. This carousel plugin is packed with tons of features and functionalities. It is used by Coca-Cola, Land Rover, and Ralph Lauren. 

This slider provides you with touch swipe navigation support, multiple sliders per page, different skins. This HTML content slider plugin will cost you $24 only and you can purchase it from Codecanyon.

All Around

All Around is one of the best WordPress carousel plugins that is really well-rounded. It comes with clean, responsive designs, and a good number of predefined styling options. Along with images, you can also showcase your videos in this carousel plugin. 

This plugin is fully responsive and mobile-ready. If you like to purchase this plugin you can visit codecanyon and buy it for $25.


Are you looking for a template-rich carousel slider, then take a look at Slaido as it comes with 300+ slider templates. Import all of the templates with one click and then use any of those as you need. This complete carousel plugin comes with full responsive sliders and after creating or customizing a slider you can export it for later use. 

This plugin is fully beginner-friendly and easy to customizable. 

Multimedia Responsive Carousel with Image, video, and audio support

If you work with videos and images on your website sometimes often then you need of the best WordPress carousel plugins. Multimedia responsive carousel is a great choice as it supports any sorts of multimedia files. It supports touch screen navigation for mobile.

This carousel plugin comes with two predefined skins, white and black. This plugin will cost you $18 only. 

Logos Showcase

Logos Showcase

If you are determined to use logos for showcasing on your website then the Logos Showcase can your best option. You will be able to choose different layouts for showcasing your logos. Moreover, you will be able to control transition speed, auto-scroll, size, etc. 

It is the best slider for showcasing your logos in an effective way. To buy this plugin you have to spend $13 only.

Super Bundle

Super Bundle is one of the best WordPress carousel plugins that comes with a good collection of elements, settings, and tools to take your WPBakeery page builder website to a next level. With help of this plugin, you will be able to turn any content of yours into a carousel, animate text, video lightbox, etc. 

Super bundle offers you over 70 customizable high-quality SVG row separator designs along with 6 unique text effects. Super Bundle will cost you only $25 only. 

Global Gallery

Create awesome galleries from a variety of image sources including Facebook, Flickr, and other social media platforms with help of the Global Gallery WordPress carousel plugin. This plugin comes with four different gallery layouts and includes both a full-featured carousel and a responsive image slider. 

The global gallery also comes with a drag and drop gallery builder and image tags filter. It provides you with a one-click setup and easily customizable options. To purchase this plugin you have to spend $29.

Progress Map

This is a unique plugin that is listed at here. Progress map combines google map with carousel slider. This plugin aims to help users create a website that will provide listings for real estate, hotels, job posts, restaurants, etc. It allows you to plot your listings on Google maps using markers. 

Progress map is fully responsive and provides clustered map markers for a map with a large number of locations. You can purchase the Progress map from codecanyon for $59 only.

Ultra Portfolio WordPress Carousel

If you are looking for one of the best WordPress carousel plugins that will come with Portfolio features, then you can take a look at the Ultra portfolio WordPress carousel. This WordPress carousel widget offers a large number of layout options and delivers functionality along with flexibility. 

The most attractive part of this carousel plugin is the ability to control animation speed, and effects. The Ultra portfolio WordPress carousel will cost you $19 only. 

Before & After Image slider for WPBakery page builder

Before & After Image slider for WPBakery page builder

This is an easy-to-use image slider that is dedicated only to WPBakery page builder. That means you will be able to take your page builder to a new height with help of this page builder. You will be able to showcase your before and after images very easily. 

Anyone on your website will be able to drag the scroll bar and look at the change of your images. This plugin will only cost you $13.

Slider Image slider for WordPress

Slider Image slider for WordPress

Slider is one of the newest and best WordPress carousel plugins that help you create sliders by embedding photos into it. You can also create video slider by adding videos to it. You will be able to announce your discount sales highlights and tell people about your company with this WordPress slider plugin. 

It is packed with many customizable elements including badges, call to action, buttons, etc. This plugin will cost you $24 only. 

WP 1 Slider

WP 1 Slider

WP 1 slider is one of the best WordPress carousel plugins but comes for absolutely free. This carousel slider plugin is packed with tons of features that will help you to build an awesome-looking slider. The whole design will be responsive and will look absolutely perfect on any device. 

You can download this plugin directly from the WordPress repository.

Carousel Anything WordPress image slider

Carousel Anything WordPress image slider By Wpbakery

Are you looking for a highly versatile WordPress image slider then you can try out this Carousel slider. With help of the Carousel Anything plugin, you can create image sliders, video sliders, testimonials, sliders, team members, and more. This carousel plugin offers two designs, one displays your posts in a simple layout, while the other offers a few design features. 

This plugin is fully lightweight and works great with touch devices. If you like this plugin you can purchase this plugin for $14 from codecanyon. 

Viba Image slider

Viba Image slider

Showcasing got really easy with the Viba portfolio plugin. This plugin is created only for showcasing your portfolio, latest blog posts, testimonials, etc. to their best. It comes with four different gallery types along with sixty skins to change the look of your slider quickly and easily. 

Viba image slider offers you full control of all customization features. This feature-rich plugin will only cost you $25. 

Responsive posts carousel

Responsive Posts Carousel WordPress Plugin

Responsive post carousel is one of the very powerful carousel slider plugins that comes with 50+ ready-to-use templates. All of these templates are fully customizable and you will be able to create any type of slider using this plugin. Its live template is very easy to use and anyone can use it and customize sliders. 

This plugin will cost you only $29.

Final Words

I hope you have found your desired carousel plugin that you have been looking for. If you are using a different one, or if I have missed one mention it in the comment box below. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts.

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