Here, we picked the best & industry-leading WordPress Team Members Plugins for your WordPress Website.

No brand or company was built overnight or just by the owner alone. Through the hard work of all the team members, a company is established, and to introduce such a team to everyone, you should feel proud. You can introduce your team to the whole world through your site team section.

To create an awesome team members section, you can take the help of Best Team Members & Staff plugins. With the help of these teams showcase WordPress plugins, you will be able to create an awesome team section in no time. But as there are a lot of plugins available in the plugin directories, you might get confused to choose one. 

I have listed the ten best WordPress team plugins in this post, and all of these plugins are qualified. You can use any of these plugins on your site to create your team showcase section in the way you want. 

Let’s check these 10 Best WordPress Team Members Plugins

Team Pro

The Team Pro - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a versatile WordPress team member plugin, which will allow you to create and manage your team page, then the Awsm Team pro plugin can be your great ally. This Team WordPress plugin comes with 8 awesome presets and a good number of style options. 

After installing the plugin, you won’t have any hard time configuring the plugin, as there is no complex configuration available in this plugin. Just create individual member profiles with name, info, photo, and then create your team in the way you want. 

Team Pro comes with the support of Visual Composer content Element and WPBakery page builder. Therefore you will be able to design and customize more in the way you want. The Awsm Team Pro’s presets include Drawer, Modal, Slide-In, Grid, Circles, Cards, Lists, and Table. Every preset comes with predefined styles, and you can also add your preferred colors and customize them using custom CSS

Everything you create with the Team Pro WordPress team member plugin will be entirely device-responsive; therefore, it doesn’t matter which device your visitor is using. Everything will look perfect on any screen sized device. 


  • 8 Unique Presets
  • 20+ Style Options
  • Entirely Device Responsive
  • Clean Designs
  • WPBakery Page Builder Support
  • Understandable documentation file


Awsm Team Pro WordPress team member plugin will cost you $24, and you will get lifetime updates along with 6 months of support. 

Team Members

Team Members
By WP Darko

If you are tight on your budget yet want the best WordPress Team Member plugin, then for you, I suggest the Team Members plugin. It is a free WordPress team member plugin that allows you to showcase your staff on your website. This plugin is not only free but also a time saver. 

It will take only a couple of minutes to add your team member details such as picture, position, bios, social links, etc. You can reorder details anytime and then display them using the shortcode. 

One of the best features of this plugin is no limitation. In the free version, you can use the whole plugin without any limitations. If you want a minimal solution, then there’s no need to upgrade to the pro version; the free version is powerful enough. As for upgrading to the pro version, you get more pro functionalities.

The pro version of the Team members plugin includes 

  1. More info box that opens upon hovering over the link
  2. Hover image that will show over the first image
  3. Different image filters (vintage, black & white, saturated)
  4. Five social links per member
  5. Display one to five members per line


  • Entirely device responsive
  • Unlimited members and teams
  • Color control
  • Add up to 5 social links per member
  • Show up to 5 members per line


Team Members plugin can is free to use from the WordPress directory. But if you want the pro version, you have to purchase a single license for $19 or an unlimited license for $49. 

Cherry Team Members

Cherry Team Members Plugin
Cherry Team Members by ZEMEZ

Cherry Team Members is one of the best WordPress team member plugins provided to you by TemplateMonster. This powerful team showcase plugin comes with the integration of the Elementor page builder plugin. Therefore you will be able to customize further and make your team look more awesome. 

Cherry WordPress Team Members Plugin allow you to showcase all personal information, position, location, and contacts of every team member on any page you choose. You can also add the skills level of any team member, which proves that your team is well qualified. This feature is not found on every team member plugin. 

There are a lot of customization options available in this plugin to give the exact look you want. For example, with this plugin, you will be able to define the number of team members, column numbers, select which page you want to display, template customization, etc. 


  • Unlimited members and teams
  • Integration with Elementor page builder
  • Includes single member and team listing templates
  • Configuration options for multiple displays
  • Entirely device responsive


Cherry Team Members WordPress team member plugin is a free plugin, and you can download it from the WordPress plugins repository. 

Heroes Assemble

Heroes Assemble - Team Showcase WordPress Plugin
Heroes Assemble – Team Showcase WordPress Plugin

Showcase your team section to your visitors in an elegant way with the help of the Heroes Assemble WordPress team member plugin. It comes with ten different grid style themes to present your team members to your visitors. All of the layouts are designed by professionals so that you don’t have to worry about designs. 

There are also 12 different color skins available; you can choose any of them which fits with your branding. Another attraction of Heroes Assemble is Profile Modal. This modal allows you to showcase your member’s profiles awesomely. It displays member’s info, social media links, profile, skills bar, contact info, and all other information in one place. 

This plugin is compatible with most of the WordPress themes. However, if your theme doesn’t work perfectly with this plugin, you can ask developers regarding your problem. Heroes Assemble also provides you with a PO file that allows you to translate the plugin to any desired language. 


  • Awesome design
  • Outstanding looking profile
  • Built-in skill bar
  • Clean design and fully responsive
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Translation ready
  • Unlimited members & teams
  • Ten different grid styles
  • 12 different color skins
  • And many more


This is a pro WordPress staff plugin, and its pricing starts from $18. You can buy Heroes Assemble from CodeCanyon. After purchasing this product, you will get 6 months of support plus lifetime updates. 

TC Team Members

TC Team Members plugin

Next in the list, we have the TC Team Members plugin WordPress. This team member popup WordPress plugin is brought to you by Themescode and comes with both pro and free versions. This plugin has its own pages and menu below posts in the WordPress dashboard. From there, you can create unlimited team members with their help of many fields. 

You can add a name, job title, description, image, social profile, etc. After creating one team member, you can build multiple teams. To show your created members and teams in your post or page, you have to retrieve a shortcode. Then paste the shortcode where you want to showcase your team. 

TC Team Members plugin is absolutely user friendly and comes with easy installation and configuration. In short, you don’t need any configuration at all unless you want to show it differently. Your created team section will be visible on every browser as it is cross-browser compatible. 

Moreover, this plugin is fully responsive; therefore, your created team section will be shown perfectly on any sized device. It doesn’t matter which theme you are using; the TC Team Member plugin will work with all WordPress themes. 

On upgrading to the pro version of this plugin, you will get more features, including 7 different layout styles, members more details in a popup, 23 different social icons, overlay effects, 6 different social icon styles, Quick support, etc. 


  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Add unlimited members
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Automatic shortcode generation
  • All WordPress theme supported
  • Developer friendly and easily customizable
  • 100% mobile responsive


If you are not ready to make a purchase, use the free version from the WordPress repository. For the pro version, you have to purchase it for $19/site. You can also purchase an unlimited license for $80. 

Employee Spotlight

If you are vacillated to invest in a WordPress team member plugin, then you might use the Employee Spotlight plugin first. This is a free plugin downloadable from the WordPress plugins repository, and you will be able to easily highlight your team, founders, and individual employees very elegantly. 

After the installation process gets done, you will be able to set up your team page all by yourself. There’s no complex procedure or coding knowledge required to use Employee Spotlight. All you have to do is create input your employee details, including photo, job description, contact details, social profiles, and your team will be created automatically. 

This plugin also offers you featured employees. You can highlight any of your employees featured in the sidebar widgets. You can highlight newcomers or any general employee with birthdays or any other special recognition. 

You can also set criteria for employees using places, tags, groups, and later on, sort or display employees by selecting criteria. If all the features and functionalities impress you, then you can upgrade to the pro version. In the pro version, you will be able to customize your team further by adding different animations, background colors, ordering, different customization options, etc. 


  • Fully device responsive
  • Single-member and team listing options
  • Multiple display configuration
  • Team member detailed view
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Record sync
  • Different animation effect
  • Background changer


Employee Spotlight comes with both pro and free versions. Grab the free version from the WordPress plugins repository. The pro version price starts at $99.99 per year per site. If you want an enterprise solution, then you have to contact them. 

WP Team Pro

WP Team Pro is one of the best premium WordPress team member plugins that allows you to manage and elegantly display your whole team. It comes with a super impressive shortcode generator, advanced settings panel, and 300+ customization options. 

By using these customization options, you can design your team section in the way you want. That’s not all; this plugin also provides you with 8 unique layouts presets (Grid, Carousel, List, Filter, Inline, Table, Mosaic, Thumbnail Pager) and 15+ members details input fields, including members socials, skills, photo gallery. With all these features, it’s only a matter of minutes to create a great looking team members section.

This plugin is fully responsible and multisite, translation, multilingual, widget, and page builder ready. 


  • 300+ customization options
  • 8 Unique layout presets
  • 15+ member details input fields
  • Device responsive
  • Translation ready
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Widget & Page builder ready


WP Team Pro is considered one of the best solutions for small to large business organizations. For purchasing this excellent team member plugin, you have to spend $39. 

TLP Team Pro

TLP Team Pro is a powerful WordPress team member plugin that offers you 33 elegant layouts, including a carousel slider, table, isotope, and grid. With its unlimited color palette, you can create a marvelous team layout that suits your brand. You can also resize all images inside this plugin then use it as you want. 

Every team section you build with the TLP Team Pro plugin will be absolutely device responsive. Therefore your created team section will be shown perfectly on every device. It also provides you POT files for custom fields, translatability, and social links for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. 

If you are not sure whether to purchase this plugin, then you may try the free version, which is available at the WordPress plugins repository. 


  • User friendly
  • 33+ layouts
  • Unlimited color palette
  • Device responsive
  • Translation ready
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Comes with both free & pro version


You can download the free version from WordPress plugins. The pro license of a Single site will cost you $17, for 5 sites $49, and for unlimited sites, it will cost $75. 


TeamPress is one of the best trending team member popup WordPress plugins that has been built to showcase your team members in a unique style. It comes with 60+ different team member layouts, including list, grid, carousel, and table views. Instead of creating a new one, you can choose any of these layouts and showcase your team in no time. 

One of the best parts of this plugin is it comes with AJAX filters that make it easy for your visitors to interact with your team member showcase. As it doesn’t require any page reloads. After creating one team section, you will be able to show this section on any page without recreating it, and it is possible through a shortcode or widget. 

This WordPress team member plugin also comes with support for various page builders, including Elementor, WPBakery page builder, site origin. That means your customization is now not limited; you can customize it in the way you want. 


  • 60+ beautiful layouts
  • Carousel with 30+ styles
  • Device responsive
  • Multi columns support
  • WPML support
  • Various page builder support
  • RTL support
  • No coding required
  • Create unlimited teams


You can purchase the Team Press WordPress team member plugin from CodeCanyon for $25, and along with the plugin, you get 6 months of support and lifetime updates. 

Team Showcase

Team Showcase is one of the most popular WordPress team member plugins that comes with more than 5400+ sales. After the release of this plugin, it has maintained a 4.6-star rating on over 290 reviews. With the help of this plugin, you can show your team members in different layouts. 

You can display your team members in a grid style, table style, grid with information on hover, and thumbnail pager layout. If you wish, you can also add a custom feature name, just go to plugin settings and change whatever you want. 

After creating your team section with Team Showcase, use it with shortcodes anywhere, including the widget area. All of your created team sections will be entirely responsive, and it will be perfectly visible on any device. 

Team Showcase also comes with a lot of other features, including image shapes & effects, theme presets, drag & drop reordering, shortcode & PHP function generator, default image sizes, multi-use, etc. 


  • Four different layouts
  • AJAX powered
  • Embed via a shortcode, PHP function, or widget
  • Custom fields
  • Mobile responsive
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Translation ready
  • Drag & drop reordering
  • Image shapes & effects


You will need $17 to purchase this popular team member plugin from the code canyon. 

Last Words

I hope you have found your preferred team plugin for WordPress in this post. If you have chosen any other team WordPress plugin, share the name with us. Don’t forget to share this post if you have liked this post and let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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