WPS TeamGeneral Layout

The general layout is responsible for configuring the initial design & structure. More customization, styling & advance settings are available next. Let's go through the General Layout first:

  1. Display Type: Can be Grid, Carousel, Filter, etc.
  2. Theme: Various themes are available like Square, Circle, List, Flip, etc.
  3. Card Action: This can be a Single Page, Modal, Expand, or Custom URL. Based on the setting, when clicking on a team member's thumbnail or title, it will trigger a popup, drawer, etc.
  4. Container Width: (Responsive) - Allows adjusting the container width in various units like pixel, percentage & view width.
  5. Columns: (Responsive) - Number of team members per row to display.
  6. Gap: (Responsive) - Distance between team members in pixel.
  7. Gap Vertical: (Responsive) - Vertical distance between team members in pixel.
  8. Max Characters for Description: Controls how many characters are displayed in the description area. To get the full content set the value to 0 (zero).

Note: (Responsive) marked controls are allowed to set different values on different devices.